(The application form will not be processed if found incomplete or if any of the below mentioned documents are not enclosed)

  1. Certified / Attested copy of the birth certificate. The original birth certificate must be produced at the time of admission for verification. Certificates issued from the hospitals will not be considered.

  2. Copy of the immunization summary given by your pediatrician.

  3. One copy of the latest progress report.

  4. Transfer certificate, duly completed, and counter signed by the previous school authority is necessary. Transfer certificate should be produced on or before the first day of school.

  5. Stamp size photographs one each for the student, father, mother & guardian.

  6. Two passport size photographs.

  7. Address Proof.

  8. Last day for submission of this form fifteen days from the date of issue.

  9. The purchase and submission of application form is no guarantee that an interview or admission will be granted and gives parents no entitlement to claim a seat or refund. The admission is finalized and authentic only when the class of admission is endorsed by the Principal.

  10. Once the admission is granted there will be no refund of any payment for any reason.